In case you missed it !! (Animal crossing: new horizons trailer +Nookazon update and what that means for your gaming.

A few days ago I checked my discord (Lex dixon#7210) it took me to an updated forum. While it’s new info for me apparently there’s a “ travel agent service “ The paragraph explains that if you are planning a big trade you can have a travel agent be present. The point of this update is to prevent people from getting scammed during a big trade-off. There’s rules of course and here they are :

  • You’ll need to read the full agreement of terms
  • fill out a form .
  • It has to be greater than 200🎫 or 2millon Bells and less than 2,500 Nook Mile Tickets or 50 million bells. As seen in screenshot

I’m all here for making sure that every villager has a great experience, and making sure that everyone is treated fairly. it makes sense to only have agents for the big bells or NMTS. I imagine it would be difficult for the agents to keep up with every request. Plus it’s not everyday you see 50 million bells on the table. In the world of scamming , it’s usually about getting as much as you can and while there are a lot of expensive items that are out there , there’s a big chance getting 50 million in bells seems too good to be true and in most cases , it usually is. Nonetheless, the trade-offs are supposed to be a great experience and I hope having things like this during transactions will make people feel safe in meeting others and hopefully it will discourage people from being pirates. (Unless of course we’re talking about the pirate themed stuff on the island.:)

And for the new horizons update, as promised there’s a second wave and it’s almost here!! From the trailer it looks as tho the update will be available on the 30th of this month. The add ons includes fireworks 💥 (available every Sunday in August. ) it looks as though their will be an added feature to even customize the works for your fellow islanders . Seems like a fun way to send off the end of the month!

Speaking of travel and islands… Another added feature is the dream sequence.

With the help from an islander called luna she’s your guide to assist with your dream island or to visit other islands.

Video clip from official Nintendo YouTube page
Picture taken From Nintendo trailer

While we will have to wait a little while longer to see what creating and visiting a Dream island will be like, Maybe it will be a safer way to invite people to come on to different islands without the hazards or ruining things? However I’m looking forward to seeing how everything will play out . What feature do you look forward to the most? Do you think each feature will add to the island? Also stay tuned in the future for giveaways. On both this page and my Nookazon. Thank you for reading!

Catch the full official Animal crossing: new horizons trailer Here.

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