Nookazon: is it worth it? review +tips to getting started

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If you’re reading this then you’re probably trying to figure out what, or how Nookazon works. We’ll I’ll do my best to explain . By the end you should know what Nookazon is and how to best use it .

What is a Nookazon ? Nookazon is a platform for Animal Crossing :New Horizons (ACNH)players. As you may have guessed ,it’s what many believe is a combo of Nook Shopping and amazon but has no affiliation to either brand. It’s a place to make new friends, buy, sell ,trade or give away items that you would normally buy ,or get as a Diy recipe in Animal Crossing .(materials, clothes, recipes,furniture,etc)

What you need to get started (for the best experience on nookazon )


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discord is an app (iOS store unsure if on android )that’s used as a form of communication for nookazon users to message each other. While you can message other members on nookazon, messaging on discord can be (sometimes) faster and more affective when trying to speak to a potential buyer or seller.

perks to having this app are the chat rooms(as seen above) :chat rooms on discord are labeled by your needs: example : if you want to see if anyone is willing to trade an item they have a group to trade (furniture, fruits, etc,) also there are a lot of people that are a willing to giveaway items or diys for free . (There’s even a chat room for that. )

My favorite is the events chat room because you can often find people that invite you to be apart of events happening on their island. some are actual events such as the current Fishing Tourney going on this month or the Bug Off to name a few fun things happening in the summer . Some people even create their own events for fun and give away prizes . I saw a guy hosting a musical chairs event . (Didn’t go 😦 , another user had a giveaway of random items placed on random parts of their island . The person’s admission was one nook mile ticket, but because I waited awhile to get in , he let me in free 🙂

Not only can you get a deal on items but you can also have someone clean your island , water your plants, cut down trees , etc. there’s a vast amount of people that are willing to do this for a price . Some people even have cleaning teams! If you’re trying to branch out (no pun intended) you can also find groups willing to pay you in bells to join there cleaning groups or you can create listings of your own to provide services.

Honestly it can be a little overwhelming when you see how many people have actual store fronts and how detailed and organized The sellers can be , but not to fret there’s room for everyone to promote things. Even if you don’t want to join any teams . You can still sell items your way. Are you still with me? Let’s move on to the rest of the checklist we’re almost done.

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The next thing on the list is Nintendo switch membership: at first when my fiancé got the membership, I wasn’t sure how beneficial it would be to get one . (We paid 1 payment for the annual membership. )Perks to having the membership with ACNH :

Flying with Dodo Airlines : Dodo codes

while you can always fly to a island with a nook mile ticket to mystery islands , having a membership will give you online access to fly to other people’s islands using a special code aka the dodo code . A dodo code is a five digit passcode that gives a friend or customer a way to have access to your island for a limited time.Which also can be used to invite people to your island. Here’s an example of how codes should look . Here’s a step by step guide to accessing the dodo code (click me) photo credit to the linked site above

Custom Design codes : (small spoiler alert) in animal crossing there is a point in the game where you will unlock the Abel sisters’ shop and will have access to the kiosk

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The kiosk is located at the back of the shop and can be used to locate a creator or a specific design using a specific code to identify them, if you have the codes. ) here’s an example of what you’ll first see (pic 1 and the second will show you the results of the code I’d you just typed.

Nintendo switch app: while you may think that the app would be useful for the codes you just learned about , the best feature that may come in the most handy is the keyboard. The keyboard is (found through an app within an the NS app called nook link .) only functional when you are actually playing animal crossing. I use this when I’m visiting someone because it’s a lot faster than typing with the switch controllers. Saves for awkward pauses.

Once you have all of these items you’ll be good to go!

Conclusion : nookazon is a great way to find ACNH resources . but it’s not the only way to play . In fact I’ve made a 100k in one night off of swimming and fishing without the use of nookazon ,on my own island. I’ve also made 100k in a night by trading a few items on nookazon . Overall you can have a great experience with or without nookazon .

Did this help any? If so leave a comment. There’s so much to say about nookazon I will add another blog to discuss the pros and cons on how I navigate through buying and selling on Nookazon .

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If you made it this far thank you so much! It means a lot to have someone read my writing. As a thank you if you decide to join (or if you already have a discord )follow me and message me 🎟🧾📰 on there and I’ll make you an item for free! Depending on the item , if I have a diy that you would like made I may ask you to bring the required materials (if I have the materials I won’t ask) or if I have an extra of that item I’ll just give you that instead.

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