Companies that deserve to be on the naughty list this year.

It’s not uncommon to see some top of the line company issuing out an apology for something gone wrong in the pr department. However, no one wants to hear About things going wrong around one of the most important times and sales of the year. Here’s some companies that deserve to be on the naughty list this year. AMAZON MADE A SWITCH: it was reported Thursday by Luke plunkett on that Amazon uk buyers who placed orders for an Nintendo switch received quite the surprise when they received their packages. In several tweets from the uk buyers the items replacing the switch varied from toothpaste, condoms,air freshener, and other household items. For more info on this story check out the original post on the highlighted site above.

Wrong snow ,walmart #2 Jackie salo reported on dec 8 in the New York post that Walmart issued out an apology after the company received backlash on one of their Christmas designs for the year . The sweater in question featured Santa Claus with some unusual placement of “snow” lined up on top of the table the featured Santa was standing behind. To see the sweater click the highlighted title.

For now these are the only two I’ve seen. As I’ve mentioned before I’ll try to add to this list. What do you think about the two I’ve posted so far ? Which one is worse? Have you heard of any Xmas deals gone bad?

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