My pets’ essentials

Today I want to feature two cool new products that I use on my fur babies chai & beary !

The first Wild Alaskan salmon oil. If you’re not familiar with the benefits of fish and fish products, this may seem a little weird. But yes, salmon oil.

Before I get into the facts of salmon and it’s uses I want to start with a short story about the people behind the brand , and my experience with the product.

I want to shout out the people behind this brand because they have been so patient and understanding. When I received this product, I was unaware of the fact that beary couldn’t get washed for up to two weeks after being neutered..

I ended up switching out his cone. He wasn’t comfortable and eventually learned how to get out of it. So I got him this pillow plush cone. He was able to see and sleep better. He hardly ever tried to take it off. I got this from amazon btw.

Outside of beary having puppy issues , I was going through depression and they never once rushed or asked what was taking so long. I’m very grateful for that.

Now.. to the product in mention

When using the product honestly, it came with 3 different types of caps which just gives you the option of getting the oil out that much easier , I chose the hook like one because I figured it would be easier to squeeze that way. My first thought was that it was oil to improve their skin. So for every bath I would put some on both of them and honestly with every dog the results can vary. My baby, chai has wild hair that I tend to just leave uncombed because rockstars don’t brush their hair. I feel like a little goes a long way and using too much turns chai’s coat to a mud like color that doesn’t look to cool.

A example of how she loves to wear her hair…🙄😅

Also chai tends to get back dirty quickly and has an odor which isn’t uncommon for her breed, but with the oil mixed with our doggy shampoo , I feel that the scent masks her unfriendly odor just fine. Honestly I feel chai’s hair has more definition and shine to her hair because of the salmon oil. It also does a great job of keeping her hair calm for a few days.

I can definitely tell the difference w/ oil.

With beary he naturally has curly hair and one of my favorite pairs about giving him a bath is seeing is curl pattern come out. Depending on the shampoo, his curls kind of fade away into an Afro until his next bath. With using the oil it also left him smelling great and it holds his curl pattern soo much longer!!
An example of his curls after a bath with the s. Oil. ( ignore the fallen hair, I was trimming him)
It’s safe to say that they both love this product.

My final thoughts is that the oil works really great! “ a dab will do ya” meaning a little. Goes along way, having to much can linger on your pets fur. On beary the oil appears red and can take awhile to blend, too much on chai’s fair tends to make her skin look darker.

Also in later finding the directions.. the oil is intended for the use of adding to their meals. “ 1 squeeze for every 10 pounds . So if your dog is 20 pounds =💧💧 my puppies aren’t quite at the 10 pound mark so one squeeze can be a big mess when it’s potty time… if you know what I mean. I think I’ll continue to use the oil for bath time purposes. If you gotten this far thank you for reading and shout out to the people who are behind the brand they were awesome and I hope to bring you more info on other products by them. If you liked this blog , please feel free to like ❤️👍and 🗣comment. And if you try this or any of the other things I reviewed, let me see! Comment a picture and let me know about your experience! Until next time💕

In case you missed where to find this at check any highlighted word in blue or you can check them out right here👉🏾

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