“Assembling with care” a mobile game review

In honor of last week being mental-health awareness week, I decided to challenge myself to being more of the person I’ve always dreamed I could be and that’s being the person that creates things!! So this blog is the one of many that will break myself more and more out of that writer’s funk. ( it’s taken me awhile to finish this, it’s probably been two weeks at least , but my depression got the best of me .. but I’m fight back by posting and challenging myself to do more of what I love despite the gray clouds that sometimes comes with depression. To anyone battling a mental or physical illness , this one’s for you!!💕💕

Today I’m trying out a Game called #assemblewithcare this Game is featured in the 🍎arcade which in itself has been quite impressive. The arcade is a premium version of games that take mobile gaming to a whole new level at just 4.99/ month .Which was also a inspiration for this review. You’ll definitely see more posts because I have a free trial , I wonder how many games I can play before it expires?… back to the blog lol

When Opening the app, I had already an idea of what the game would look like. The style is cartoonic yet, life like. When playing the game I was taken aback by how nostalgic it felt. Especially with the cassette player and the big over the head, headphones.

As you play it feels like a free roam kinda game as you twist the recorder around with a few hints , i shuffle around to see what else I can do . Before long , I have the headphones connected to the player. As I press play the game advises me to play with headphones. What a cool way to say play with audio, am I right?

When starting , you’re welcomed into a soft calming vibe which to me , was a combo of the 90’s vibe of “hey Arnold “ with the soft colors and the jazzy sounds and leap frog learning material, with the interaction.

As a kid I loved leap frog for making me feel apart of the story, with just the press of my rubber tipped pen, I enjoyed how the story read itself and I was along for the ride. And I feel the same way about assemble with care. As you play you hear the stories behind every puzzle you solve and you get introduced to some new characters along the way. Here’s a screen recording of me playing a level. Called the “cassette. “

Some facts about AWC:

  1. Comes with twelve levels: yes, it doesn’t seem like a lot when we have so many games with over 50+ levels out there ,but every level is crafted to perfection.
  2. It’s free roam (sorta):the beautiful thing about this game is that it allows you to go at your own pace. There’s no time limit which makes figuring out how to tinker each item a little more easier.
  3. There’s no rating system: with most games you can earn points and 3 star reviews , but this game is simply about taking your time to get the job done!
  • This game is for everyone! The game advises 4 and up. Which goes back to my leap frog experience. You can feel comfortable playing because there isn’t a rush and the best part is you can feel like you’re part of a story being told, plus there’s no in app purchases so you can rest assured you or your kid won’t run up a bill trying to get parts or upgrades.
  • Final summary of the game:
  • The game for me is about a 4.8/5
  • ⭐️control : everything runs smoothly and figuring out where each piece goes can be tricky but in the game on certain items as your fixing them theres a white outline to assist. Figuring out things can be easy but things can get frustrating when you have to take everything apart to find out that you missed one piece.
  • ⭐️sound : I enjoyed the calming music as I tinkered with each piece, takes off the pressure of messing up or breaking a piece.. even tho it is only a game lol . Also I enjoyed the narration while playing and advancing on.
  • ⭐️graphics: as I mentioned before I love the style that feels cartoonish , yet life like. Everything moved as if you were actually working on them. Plus I enjoyed the vintage style of it all working on the cassette and other classic items. Definitely a blast from the past.
  • ⭐️storyline: we have a lot of games that have crazy storylines or none at all . This one was pretty simple a girl with a desire to travel and fix things. Each level was written just as carefully as the crafts we are putting together.
  • ⭐️levels: although there’s only 12 levels, each level doesn’t feel like you’re rushing to the next, or taking too long to figure out. Every level is a masterpiece on its own. The bright side is every level can be replayed. I hope that later on maybe there will be added levels or possibly an “assemble w/ care too. If you like peaceful puzzles to play with great storylines and graphics this is the game for you. Plus it’s also great for the kids, they’ll learn about a few of the items they probably never seen before and there’s no worries about loud music or game app purchases!
  • Thank you for reading!! If you made it this far thank you! I hope that if you have an iPhone that you’ll give it a try! If you do feel free to comment what you think or send screen shots!