Deenkee vacuum unboxing

Today, I’m doing the unboxing of the deenkee vacuum cleaner.

I’m #tryingtotry something new by doing both a written unboxing and a video of the unboxing.

Fair warning, I’m filming and editing everything with my phone and the editing app didn’t save all of my everything won’t be crispy as I wanted. And if you can hear me(in the video), just know I unboxed everything before reading the manual lol. If you’re interested here’s the video again if you’re watching it sorry for the bad quality in sound..

The unboxing

When receiving the box , I was surprised by how light the vacuum was , while still inside the box. Before opening the box, you’ll notice that there’s two different languages on each side explaining the vacuum’s specs one is what I believe to be maybe German, Dutch or Russian and of course English.( as seen below)

Now let’s break down what’s actually inside…I thought it would be a good idea to show what everything came in, because in putting the pieces together ..I almost forgot a piece. It’s very easy to over look the little brown box.. I guess that’s what I get for not wanting to take the time to read the instructions . (Eventually I did use the instructions.)💡Along with the other cool accessories, you get a 1 year warranty 💡

1.The charge

The adapter(charger) is inside of the white box (as seen above) and the charger isn’t needed, once you’ve put everything together, in fact the vacuum can go a decent amount of time without having to be recharged.The vacuum also has two speeds. When in high speed mode you can clean up to 18 mins and in a standard mode 35 mins. (Also seen above in specs)

When charging you’ll see at the top an LED light (seen below)with four lines that will reoccur as the vacuum charges, as well as when the vacuum is in use. To let you know just how much juice you have left.

💡 *Also when using if you feel your battery getting hot let your vacuum rest. When I was using the vacuum on high , I noticed it was heating up a little. I tried turning it to the standard speed and it just went off. After maybe about 2-5 mins the vacuum Came back on, I believe the vacuum has a setting to prevent itself from over heating, just thought I would share! 💡

When charging you can choose to keep everything attached and simply place it in the corner or you can break everything down and just charge the battery on/ in the wall mount.

The piece to right is the actual battery.

The wall mount comes with screws and 2 additional spaces to place the other brushes that aren’t in use.

The cleaning and assembling

When thinking of a what makes a great vacuum, what’s one of the first things that comes to mind? I can bet it’s how much can it hold or will it be an easy thing to clean, right?

Well let me show you what kind of dust pan you’ll be signing up for with deenkee:

With some vacuums the only point in having one is to just suck up the mess, while still leaving behind dirt and other particles from the unpicked up pieces,With deenkee it comes with a filter to help make cleaning a little more hygienic as well as the vacuum cleans beyond the surface with the different brush designs. Which makes a great device to have for anyone with allergies,asthma,etc.

When assembling, everything is done with one hand and a snap! (Results may vary lol)

The piece seen above is one of the connectors that’s used to help modify the vacuum into becoming a handheld.

The cool part about having this feature is that it saves space in the long run and it makes a big difference in getting those hard to reach places, whether it’s in your living room or your car.

Another cool feature in having the vacuum is that you can also use the attachable stick, for more than just the main piece by adding on the nozzle. What’s cool is that in attaching the nozzle you can get into those hard to reach places that may carry spider webs, dust, etc.

Final review.

I enjoyed trying out the vacuum. I would honestly give this unboxing an “A “because the vacuum does it’s job, for a little vacuum in weight, it packs a big punch.

Let’s review the review:

☑️weight =even in the box the vacuum was very light.After assembling everything together, the vacuum was very easy to control and use.

☑️Extra clean feeling=for me it brings comfort in knowing that I’m cleaning not only the things I can see, but the things that I can’t see.

☑️ The dust cup. I was really impressed with how when collecting everything, it broke down the trash into practically nothing. Which makes for an easier clean up when it’s time to clean it out.

Battery- I am still impressed with the battery life of this machine , although I’m concerned a little bit about the over heating, could’ve been something on my end, however for the time frame of using a vacuum I will still give it a ☑️

one of the biggest reasons behind my score is comfort, I enjoy the feeling of having a modern Cleaning machine with an old school kind of cleaning. I can get the same result, without the heavy bending or stretching. If you enjoyed my review and want to get a Deenkee vacuum in your home today, I have a discount code for you as a way of saying thank you when clicking on the link above or ➡️➡️

In the promo section type ALLEXUSL

and you’ll receive a discount off of your purchase.

Thank you for reading✌️🥰♥️

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