My review on the collapsible water bottle by lewonde.


wanted to start off by saying how excited I am to get back to writing and reviewing things.

Let’s get to it.

I bought this item from Amazon and due to me having Amazon prime I was able to receive free shipping the next day.

I want to start off by saying that you can pick from 5 different colors,I decided to go with blue.

My first impression was of how cute it was. In the size shown in the picture, it’s a nice size to place in your purse, backpack,or any portable bag with a clip attachment. When holding in a bigger form the bottle can feel a little flimsy, but only when there isn’t much water inside.

When drinking from the bottle there is sometimes a plastic taste, even after a quick rinse. UPDATE: if you actually boil the bottle you can eliminate the taste.)

I thought it would be a little helpful to add some boiling instructions from the actual place I received my bottle from:

Please Sterilize by boiling before use. Soak it in water dissolved salt and white vinegar (or lemon juice) for some hours. Then rinse it with clean water and air dry with cap removed for 1-2 days. This process is to remove the remaining silicone smell for newly produced bottles.C. Tighten the cap after used to avoid the liquid leakage when squeezing the bottleD. Do not hold strong acidic and alkaline liquid in the bottle.

A feature that I also enjoyed not only as an aesthetic but this piece may become of some use is the mouth piece. Inside you will find a filter

My guess is that the filter helps keep bacteria from forming after having water in the bottle for a long period of time.( Similar to when drinking out of an actual water bottle for a couple of days you start to smell an odor.)

As far as usage goes I would rely on the bottle for maybe light use. After receiving my bottle and testing it out by taking it for a ride and leaving it out over night , there was a little leakage. To be fair, maybe the top wasn’t fully screwed tight. However I haven’t had much of an issue with leaking and I’ve had it for almost a week now.

The collapsible feature in the bottle saves space, but in the steps it takes to break down the bottle, I’ve found that the bottle can also be used as a little coaster inside itself to stay balanced.

Also last but not least the little white part isn’t just for holding but it is also heat insulated hand grid. (As seen below)

In conclusion: I would recommend that if you’re trying to save some space and have a decent water bottle or possibly a nice way to hide snacks I would definitely give this water bottle a try. If your interested check it out Here


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