My experience using #sleevestars (review)

Hello to everyone reading this, I wanted to give my honest review on SleeveStars’ knee sleeve.

A little back story to finding sleeve stars is that I was in search of a new sleeve or brace. Having fibromyalgia causes a wave of various pains, from my hands, back, all the way down to my knees. Within the past few years I have noticed an increase pain in doing simple tasks like going to the store, washing dishes, etc. and my new arch nemesis the stairs.

As anyone who may have daily pains can relate to is finding the best treatment for the time being. Sometimes pain pills can be drowsing, creams can be too oily or smelly.

Having a simple sleeve or brace can be ideal for a simple work out or any task that requires a good amount of exercise.

In the past few days of having the S.S sleeve here are a few things that I discovered.


When ordering from Amazon the sleeve was only 10 bucks,I received my #sleevestars sleeve (say that five times fast.) within two days.( free 2day shipping with prime.)


When opening the box sleeve stars (SS) comes with a 12 month warranty. (Which is pretty cool) and of course the sleeve itself.

The sleeve

The sleeve is made of 68% nylon and 32% spandex .

The sleeve comes in sizes from small(14.5″-17″), medium(17″-19.5″) and large(19.5-22″)

Straight out the box S.S Promises 4 things(as seen in the picture above) let’s see if they check out!


When taking the sleeve outside the plastic pack, I was surprised that the sleeve felt great! Most sleeves are rough feeling, when trying on the sleeve for the first time the sleeve was easy to slide on and had a firm grip. Which was also a plus! I didn’t feel any discomfort the whole time I wore the sleeve throughout the day.

Pain relief ✔

As I mentioned before, the stairs aren’t my best friend. Going up and down the stairs can be tiring and a big toll on my knees.(especially if you leave something up or down the stairs.) *activates homer*

The first day I wore S.S for about 8 hours. Going up and down the stairs didn’t feel painful , standing didn’t seem as tough. Throughout the day the sleeve didn’t slip, even at times when I sprinted up the stairs. (Yes sprinted!)

feeling confident and energetic that day of cleaning was a breeze! Sweeping,mopping, and an occasional dance or two..the sleeve stayed in place and I never felt sweaty or as if the sleeve would fall off.

(To anyone curious as to the size I ordered a large)

Final notice

When buying things at affordable prices, we tend to feel that there’s always a “catch” or something we’ll have to compromise in the name of saving money, not with #sleevestars.

I would recommend this sleeve to anyone that may be in search of one!

#sleevestars checks every box! Hope you enjoyed this review! In case you missed it, to buy a sleeve like this click here.

S.n if maybe knee support isn’t the area you may need a sleeve in #sleevestars has different options.

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