How to bring the wine country and wine tasting to your doorstep. 🍷

⏸️(pause) before you read I just wanted to warn you there’s a huge saving at the end you don’t want to miss!! Continue.

In the wine country was a TV show that aired Every Saturday, it usually came on around 1am and on a good day there would be two or more episodes which would keep me up to about 4 in the morning. Every moment was worth it! 

I loved in the wine country because it showed me a side of life that I’ve never been exposed to. I loved feeling as tho I had an all access pass into the wine country, from the process of making wines, To viewing the homes, cellars, to the arts , and the culture.

I found another way to bring the wine country experience right to my doorstep and you can too, with Blason-Louis!

You’re invited!!!!

To what you might ask? The taste-off.


“More than just a wine club, we are an exclusive society of inquisitive wine lovers. 
Each month, you will receive a curated selection of rare French wines delivered to your doorstep: the Taste-Off. This thoughtful pairing will help you master French wine, learning everything you have ever wanted to know on the subject, while fine-tuning your palate.” -Blason Louis

  Blason Louis is #yourfrenchwineconnection giving you the tools to get access to some of the best wines around, at a low cost. With Up to 25% off of the retail price!

One of the first things you’ll notice When receiving a blason Lewis box, is the smooth black envelope that gives off an members only kinda of vibe. The envelope adds a  personal kind of touch, with stories from the wine Crafters themselves on how the wine your tasting came about. 

Along with a beginners guide on how to get the best out of your wine tasting experience with stats about your wine to help better understand the experience.


Also included are two falcons. (Or more if choose). Each falcon equals one glass of wine (3.5oz). The falcons are placed inside a beautiful crafted box with the company’s name ingraved along the front.

(Each falcon has an aroma lock that allows the falcon to stay fresh for up to 3 years!

Which makes the perfect gift to give, share, receive, enjoy, or collect.)
When you receive your box, you’ll also notice that at the bottom of one of the cards included there’s two bar codes that invites you to the beautiful design of their website.

The site gives you a more in depth feel into what blason-louis is, at the top you’re given a few options to explore around in , from the company’s history to their impressive wine collection. Did you receive a wine that you love so much from the taste off , that you wanted a whole bottle? Not to fret, select the store option you can buy a bottle there and receive 25% off!

Want another deal?  An average box of blason can cost $20.00(plus 4.99 S&H) however today as a thank you for reading my blog you can receive your first box for only 4.99 using my code 1ALLOVE4WP at check out RIGHT HERE!

Feel free to follow my Instagram @1allove4 

If you read today’s blog , or if you bought a blason Louis box. Comment on my recent picture “🍷🍷” and I’ll give you a shout out! Also don’t forget to follow blason Louis also! Tell them I sent you. Until next time!  If you’ve read this far , thank you so much for your time!!!❤️

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