How to spread awareness and look good doing it. Pt ☝️


  I want to share that I signed up to be a ambassador?! For two wonderful causes that spread awareness and gives an extra helping hand with style! Which brings me to this weeks #addtocart A big hello to everyone that reads this. 

sandcloud brings awareness to the Marine life , by paring up with 5 organizations that help preserve the Marine life.  Whenever you invest in an item from sand cloud 10% goes to  those organizations.

Here’s a short video about sand cloud’s mission.(👇👇👇👇 Scroll down please)
Sound cloud sells towels (as seen in the video below. They also have hoodies and shirts along with other accessories. 

Right now there’s a sale on  the  mermaid shirt for $20 (as seen below) 

To also receive a discount on other items in the store click here and by using my personal promo code AlexusLaf25 you’ll receive %25 off anything in the store.

Before I go I also want to mention that if you create an account with sand cloud, you can also receive points to redeem later for future items.

 Even if you are unable to buy anything, Just spreading the word of the organization can be a big help! Not to mention you can also become an ambassador too! 
You can follow the movement on Instagram to keep up with updates and future items. Thank you for reading this blog. Until next time!

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