How to look good and spread awareness while doing it pt✌️

Hello , this is the other half of my blog post from my #addtocart series. ( You can read part ☝️ here 👈 week I’m talking about making a difference in style with the two companies 

The second company is called wildiN clothing co. 

This company’s focus is on helping preserving the lives of in dangered species. Not just by spreading awareness but also taking action in how they produce their products. With any product that you buy from them, you can be assured that no animal was harmed.  Another cool thing about the company is spreading awareness for beauty, not just in animals, but in the people who model their clothes.

Finally, we do not believe in the standards placed on the fashion and retail industry. We promise our models are diverse and our photos unaltered. We invest in quality photographers that create beautiful images of real unedited people. ” -wildiN clothing co.

  The company also donates 10% of their net profits to the animals it represents. (Red wolves, tigers, etc) One of the company’s lines in particular, is the polar bear line , which donates to organizations such as polar bears international.

The items range from clothes for men and women and other accessories. Like candles and themed bath soaps.

Today they are having a daily deal going on for both men and women tanks for $18!

(As seen below)

They have pretty affordable things I might add as well the cheapest item is a polar bear sticker that is less than two dollars.

If you want to catch deals like this or even chop off a few extra dollars (use this code ALEXUSLAFAYETTE15

Whether you decide to buy anything or not. Remember it’s all about raising awareness! Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Until next time!


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