Why empire’s first episode was everything.

Hello! I’m trying something new and I’m going to write my review and prediction on #empire as many fans know, tonight was empire’s season premiere. Because this is a fresh episode, I will not give away any spoilers. So this will probably be a short post. 

 However, I just wanted to say that this episode sets the tone for the season of what’s yet to come. I’m so excited for this season! I will say this. The episode is different than anything we’ve seen thus far from our lion family. I predict a lot of changes throughout the season. To be more specific ,I believe empire is heading in a darker direction. Mark my words! 😁

However where there is darkness, there’s sure to be light. Although the season is aimed at a certain angle, I’m sure love will conquer that darkness.

One thing I will mention is Lucius… And cookie . As I’m sure if you have kept up with the show until now, then you know that an accident happened that caused Lucius to lose his memory. This seems to be one of the core things we’ll see the family deal with. I don’t want to give away anything so ill save my comments for next week. . Oh and I definitely think we’ll see more of momma dubis played by (phylica Rashad) 

I’ll leave a question however for you to think about. If you were cookie what would you do? #comment #share #like

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