Bringing your movie and TV show fantasy foods to life.

Have you ever watched your favorite movie or TV show and wondered “hmm🤔🤔🤔 if only I could try that meal in real life?” Have no fear, your binging prayers have been answered!! 

Yesterday I was scrolling on YouTube and I went into the phase of binge watching cooking shows, when I stubbled upon a channel called “Binging with babish“.

The channel features a few bite sized videos of some of the most memorable dishes from some of our favorite movies and current shows. Such as the classic Matilda down to the most popular shows of today like  Rick and MortyThe Game of thrones,etc. 

Watching the channel to me has the vibe of myth busters meets food Network.  I enjoy babish’s dry sense of humor w/ a dash of references from the show or movie that the dish of the day is themed behind.In a days time, this YouTube channel has become one of my favorite channels to binge.

  If you’re looking for a channel that brings your tv food goals to life he’s your guy. What’s a dish from your favorite TV show or movie that you want to try?  Feel free to comment below.

Here’s a few of my favorites from the channel.

the Krabby patty from SpongeBob

the fried Chicken lasagna & The Luther Burger (the boondocks)

homer Simpsons “moon waffles”

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