The memory box to add on your mom-to-be’s wishlist 

As I announced in a previous post. I’m going to do reviews on different items. This week it’s all about items that would make a great gift for the new mom in your life. 

Here the one of the two  featured this week. Here’s my review.

tiny moments : is a box kit that is great for the mom in your life that likes to have a special place to store her little ones memories in style. 

For all the moms to be out there who want a little help at capturing your little ones moments, tiny box is the box for you!

While the box has tiny in it’s name. The box is actually quite big. I would compare the box to be a little bit bigger in width to the average shoe box. 


When receiving the box you’re welcomed with the company’s name along with a cute bear 🐻 that has the slogan “great Ideas for kids and their parents.” The box is tied with a yellow ribbon to add to the gift vibe. While the box looks interchangeable with both a white and brown side,The box can only be opened from the top that is white.  
Opening the box 

When opening the box you’re welcomed with playful polkadot colors that are both green and yellow, a cute white bear pillow that’s great for your little one to rest with comfort. 

 and a few items to get you started inside a clear bag. The items include (5 of each.) tags, ribbons, and stickers. To help give your box a more personalized feel.  If you can’t wait to put your craft ideas to use . Shortly after making your purchase you’ll receive an email with a few designs in PDF format that you can print out to get started. 

If being creative or crafty may not be your forte, thats no reason to fret. Inside the clear bag there’s an easy four step tutorial on how to place the items on your box. Also there’s a scan icon that you can use with your phone to receive access to more designs and tips to have a little more creativity and fun or you can also go to the site on your computer. The box also includes a special thank you for your purchase,as well as a 10% discount to use towards your next project with tiny moments!

Final thoughts.

This box is a great box to give (or receive) to the new mom or Mom to be. Who wants a fun way at capturing all of those tiny moments in one place.

As a thank you , for reading here’s a 50%off discount to creating your first memory with tiny moments. Enjoy! 

If you do decide to buy this product I would love to see pictures of your boxes in the comments #addtocart #like#share #comment

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