The cutest light that you’ll want to add to your wish list.       

This is my review on the baby light called honey dog when I first received my light through the mail the first thing I noticed was the presentation. Without even opening the box I’m already in awe because I mean ,who wouldn’t be? The product I believe may come in different colors later on, however the cute little guys are only available in white for the U.S.

What comes in the box are two honey dogs (ones slightly bigger than the other and also only one of the dogs lights up.) A USB cord (that doesn’t have a wall adapter but should pair with any adapter you would use to charge a phone.) And A cute little envelope that I will get to a little bit later.

Before the fun begins you’ll need to charge your bigger honey dog. As I mentioned before it doesn’t come with a wall adapter, but it should pair with any phone adapter. You charge the little guy and he will have a little red glow.(Which indicates charging, And green when he’s finished.) It shouldn’t take long to charge but charging times may vary.

Now for the fun part!

After charging your little guy, on the back there’s a button you’ll have to press first then in the front on the right side of the honey dog’s paw you’ll see the power symbol,with a few touches you can set your buddy so that you can go from brightest to being dim or off. (As shown in the video above.)

In total the light is estimated to last up to 15 hours and at it’s brightest 10 hours. This makes for a great night light. Or a reading light for those story times before bed.  Surprisingly, the light shines very bright. Also there’s the little guy who is equally as cute he doesn’t light up, but he makes a great piece along side the light. Or a good toy to give your little one so that they won’t have to carry around or drop the light. 

    The envelope.

      the envelope includes instructions and 3 cute postcards that feature 3 different animations along with two tags that are similar to our two friends. Sn: the scan is a link to a chat app. 

     Final thoughts.

    While the light makes for a great baby shower gift or a birthday gift for anyone with kids. The presentation is so beautiful inside and outside the box there’s really no need to wrap this . To be honest anyone would enjoy these two as a night light, reading light, or just for looks inside their room. I know that I do.  Ready to have these cuties inside your home? in case you missed where to go 👉 click here

    Thank you for reading! 

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