Why we need def jam poetry and chance the rapper to host it.

It’s about 4am and like many, the first thing I reach for is my phone, to check the time and take a quick scroll through Facebook. Besides the random late night posts of my friends and family being restless, I see a post from fader that wakes me up a little. The article describes how Russell Simmons wants chance the rapper to host the reboot of Def jam poetry. While it’s still wishful thinking, here’s why I think chance would be the perfect host.
(In case you haven’t heard of it) Def poetry (2002-2007) was a platform that showcased some of our favorite artists raw talent​ in spoken word poetry. 

The show was hosted by mos def and the show featured many artists from Alicia keys to Kanye West.

Why is it so important to bring this back, and why should chance be the host?

Chance the rapper is one of the most known rappers out right now, and for the right reasons.  

It’s safe​ to say that chance the rapper has taking 2017 by far, from not only being nominated for his mixtape the coloring book and winning 3 Grammys and (actually donating one to a museum.) Chance has also donated over 1 million dollars of his own money to the schools system back in his home town. Not to mention all of his hard work in the community earned him B.E.T’s 2017 humanitarian award.  

He’s the voice of today’s youth.

In many was chance has changed the game for not only the music industry, but the society as we see it. Chance has been an 
independent rapper for awhile and he has taking pride into continuing to do so. Chance proves that with hard work, you can make your own way,build a platform, and use it to inspire others. 

Reaching a new audience.

In the start of def jam poetry, I wasn’t aware it existed. In the early 2000’s I wasn’t much into poetry. Instead I was outside being reckless as a kid. However in growing up finding a love for reading and writing . Poetry  has always given me a feeling of liberation and To me spoken word is so raw and personal​. To see people get up and perform reminds me that it’s ok to speak from your mind and your heart. 

I found out about def jam poetry through a documentary on PBS called “lemon” about a former spoken word poet named lemon Andersen. The doc. Told the story of how he found the love for writing poetry and the highs and lows of his career. After watching this, I searched videos of the poet and discovered that there were some famailar faces too. The first two poems I remember seeing was Erykah badu and Alicia keys. 

I already loved them as artist but to see them perform their poetry expressing the struggle of holding stuff in as Alicia keys did in her poem p.o.w ( power of words)Or the not so glamorous side of Fortune and fame with erykah badu’s poem.

In the times of many new artist like chance that are showing that it’s ok to be different and that being in a league all on your own is cool and good enough I would love to see this reboot come to life ,with a few of the original def jam poetry all stars as well as a few new faces. Check out my roster of the people I would love to see on the new show and some links below.

Thank you for taking the time to read this ❤️☮️✌️

My roster:
Chance the rapper, lemon Andersen,Nick cannon, Erykah badu, sza, Keke Palmer, kehlani, Frank ocean, Kendrick Lamar, common, Jill Scott.
(Chance the rapper on little desk) https://youtu.be/-kWbZvVU-e0
 Erykah badu on Def jam https://youtu.be/24XgooAIhVo
Alicia keys on Def jam

(The fader article)


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