A step forward.

Hi. My name is 1allove4 . A few mins before I wrote this, I received a notification from word press stating they I have been on here for a year! A year?! Already?! Wow. 

There’s always that sense of accomplishment whenever we earn a reward. (Especially if it’s from that one game on that level that made you question your sanity and anger management skills..) however ,I am proud that I haven’t deleted my account, but I have only two blogs up and I only have (had) one follower(she isn’t active anymore. . I know what you’re thinking. She didn’t deactivate her account because I wasn’t a good writer.. I don’t .. Think..)

 I want the next badge I get to feel more earned. 

I want to take a step forward and be the writer that I know I can be. This time I’m committed. I’m brushing past my doubts and anxiety about this whole writing thing. Today (this morning) I vow to get out of my own way and see where this journey takes me. Will you come along for the ride?

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