“votes are in”

By the time you read this you’ll probably will know who’s president. I really don’t know how to feel about the final results. To the reader this isn’t a hate blog. It’s really me trying vent. 

I’ve seen mixed reviews on Social media some voting for trump, some voting for Hillary, and of course some taking the stand to not choose any of them. Some feel as if the “system” is rigged and it doesn’t matter because the government has already chosen who’s president. Of course most of us were young when the prior election(s) took place or maybe we weren’t as aware of what was going on. Some how things felt safer..

 Things have never been perfect in America, but somehow these past few months have highlighted that. From the lives lost due to hatred and miss understanding to people coming out the woodwork to display how ignorant people can be.

 Honestly, this election while it may have been the most nastiest turn out as far as the debates are concerned, it opened my eyes even more to how hateful and unaware people can be. If i can take anything positive away from it, it has showed me to do more research. Do your research on what’s happening around you. Not just on who’s running, for president but for the people who have a say in how your communities are run. It’s unsettling to know that someone who is our president isn’t for everyone.

I know however this isn’t the end . What some fail to realize is that this isn’t a oe man show, Donald trump (spoiler alert) is president , but he still has to answer to someone. The president isn’t the one with the last say. He’s the messenger /scape goat. While he has alot of responsibility, he doesn’t have the last say so, if that was the case we wouldn’t have all of those branches, parties,etc. I know that I have alot of research to do myself on what’s happening in my community. Somehow I don’t feel all is lost in trump being president… Never thought I say that.. 

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