Tired of struggling to open jars? I can show you how to open any jar within seconds.

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Today I am writing a mini blog review
on a product I’ve tried recently. So it’ll only take a few mins, because the product speaks for itself.

How many times have you or someone you know , struggle to open a jar? No matter how big or how small we have all ran into that one jar that’s refusing to corporate.

You can put down all of your towels, knives, forks and hold off on the all jar spanking.

And grab a jar opener today.

The jar opener has an adjustable setting to fit on most jars no matter how big or small.

Excuse the background…

Here’s a quick tutorial on how easy it is to open a jar of sauce.

And there you have it folks 😊 I hoped you enjoyed your quick blog. I definitely will use this for every jar I come across.


http://<a href=”https://www.tomoson.com?code=BOTTOM3baea930cdd9c4ba654a641bdccac8d4″ rel=”nofollow” style=”display: none;”></a>


Deenkee vacuum unboxing

Today, I’m doing the unboxing of the deenkee vacuum cleaner.

I’m #tryingtotry something new by doing both a written unboxing and a video of the unboxing.

Fair warning, I’m filming and editing everything with my phone and the editing app didn’t save all of my changes.so everything won’t be crispy as I wanted. And if you can hear me(in the video), just know I unboxed everything before reading the manual lol. If you’re interested here’s the video again if you’re watching it sorry for the bad quality in sound..

The unboxing

When receiving the box , I was surprised by how light the vacuum was , while still inside the box. Before opening the box, you’ll notice that there’s two different languages on each side explaining the vacuum’s specs one is what I believe to be maybe German, Dutch or Russian and of course English.( as seen below)

Now let’s break down what’s actually inside…I thought it would be a good idea to show what everything came in, because in putting the pieces together ..I almost forgot a piece. It’s very easy to over look the little brown box.. I guess that’s what I get for not wanting to take the time to read the instructions . (Eventually I did use the instructions.)💡Along with the other cool accessories, you get a 1 year warranty 💡

1.The charge

The adapter(charger) is inside of the white box (as seen above) and the charger isn’t needed, once you’ve put everything together, in fact the vacuum can go a decent amount of time without having to be recharged.The vacuum also has two speeds. When in high speed mode you can clean up to 18 mins and in a standard mode 35 mins. (Also seen above in specs)

When charging you’ll see at the top an LED light (seen below)with four lines that will reoccur as the vacuum charges, as well as when the vacuum is in use. To let you know just how much juice you have left.

💡 *Also when using if you feel your battery getting hot let your vacuum rest. When I was using the vacuum on high , I noticed it was heating up a little. I tried turning it to the standard speed and it just went off. After maybe about 2-5 mins the vacuum Came back on, I believe the vacuum has a setting to prevent itself from over heating, just thought I would share! 💡

When charging you can choose to keep everything attached and simply place it in the corner or you can break everything down and just charge the battery on/ in the wall mount.

The piece to right is the actual battery.

The wall mount comes with screws and 2 additional spaces to place the other brushes that aren’t in use.

The cleaning and assembling

When thinking of a what makes a great vacuum, what’s one of the first things that comes to mind? I can bet it’s how much can it hold or will it be an easy thing to clean, right?

Well let me show you what kind of dust pan you’ll be signing up for with deenkee:

With some vacuums the only point in having one is to just suck up the mess, while still leaving behind dirt and other particles from the unpicked up pieces,With deenkee it comes with a filter to help make cleaning a little more hygienic as well as the vacuum cleans beyond the surface with the different brush designs. Which makes a great device to have for anyone with allergies,asthma,etc.

When assembling, everything is done with one hand and a snap! (Results may vary lol)

The piece seen above is one of the connectors that’s used to help modify the vacuum into becoming a handheld.

The cool part about having this feature is that it saves space in the long run and it makes a big difference in getting those hard to reach places, whether it’s in your living room or your car.

Another cool feature in having the vacuum is that you can also use the attachable stick, for more than just the main piece by adding on the nozzle. What’s cool is that in attaching the nozzle you can get into those hard to reach places that may carry spider webs, dust, etc.

Final review.

I enjoyed trying out the vacuum. I would honestly give this unboxing an “A “because the vacuum does it’s job, for a little vacuum in weight, it packs a big punch.

Let’s review the review:

☑️weight =even in the box the vacuum was very light.After assembling everything together, the vacuum was very easy to control and use.

☑️Extra clean feeling=for me it brings comfort in knowing that I’m cleaning not only the things I can see, but the things that I can’t see.

☑️ The dust cup. I was really impressed with how when collecting everything, it broke down the trash into practically nothing. Which makes for an easier clean up when it’s time to clean it out.

Battery- I am still impressed with the battery life of this machine , although I’m concerned a little bit about the over heating, could’ve been something on my end, however for the time frame of using a vacuum I will still give it a ☑️

one of the biggest reasons behind my score is comfort, I enjoy the feeling of having a modern Cleaning machine with an old school kind of cleaning. I can get the same result, without the heavy bending or stretching. If you enjoyed my review and want to get a Deenkee vacuum in your home today, I have a discount code for you as a way of saying thank you when clicking on the link above or ➡️➡️https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07MCBPG8H

In the promo section type ALLEXUSL

and you’ll receive a discount off of your purchase.

Thank you for reading✌️🥰♥️

My review on the collapsible water bottle by lewonde.


wanted to start off by saying how excited I am to get back to writing and reviewing things.

Let’s get to it.

I bought this item from Amazon and due to me having Amazon prime I was able to receive free shipping the next day.

I want to start off by saying that you can pick from 5 different colors,I decided to go with blue.

My first impression was of how cute it was. In the size shown in the picture, it’s a nice size to place in your purse, backpack,or any portable bag with a clip attachment. When holding in a bigger form the bottle can feel a little flimsy, but only when there isn’t much water inside.

When drinking from the bottle there is sometimes a plastic taste, even after a quick rinse. UPDATE: if you actually boil the bottle you can eliminate the taste.)

I thought it would be a little helpful to add some boiling instructions from the actual place I received my bottle from:

Please Sterilize by boiling before use. Soak it in water dissolved salt and white vinegar (or lemon juice) for some hours. Then rinse it with clean water and air dry with cap removed for 1-2 days. This process is to remove the remaining silicone smell for newly produced bottles.C. Tighten the cap after used to avoid the liquid leakage when squeezing the bottleD. Do not hold strong acidic and alkaline liquid in the bottle.

A feature that I also enjoyed not only as an aesthetic but this piece may become of some use is the mouth piece. Inside you will find a filter

My guess is that the filter helps keep bacteria from forming after having water in the bottle for a long period of time.( Similar to when drinking out of an actual water bottle for a couple of days you start to smell an odor.)

As far as usage goes I would rely on the bottle for maybe light use. After receiving my bottle and testing it out by taking it for a ride and leaving it out over night , there was a little leakage. To be fair, maybe the top wasn’t fully screwed tight. However I haven’t had much of an issue with leaking and I’ve had it for almost a week now.

The collapsible feature in the bottle saves space, but in the steps it takes to break down the bottle, I’ve found that the bottle can also be used as a little coaster inside itself to stay balanced.

Also last but not least the little white part isn’t just for holding but it is also heat insulated hand grid. (As seen below)

In conclusion: I would recommend that if you’re trying to save some space and have a decent water bottle or possibly a nice way to hide snacks I would definitely give this water bottle a try. If your interested check it out Here


My experience using #sleevestars (review)

Hello to everyone reading this, I wanted to give my honest review on SleeveStars’ knee sleeve.

A little back story to finding sleeve stars is that I was in search of a new sleeve or brace. Having fibromyalgia causes a wave of various pains, from my hands, back, all the way down to my knees. Within the past few years I have noticed an increase pain in doing simple tasks like going to the store, washing dishes, etc. and my new arch nemesis the stairs.

As anyone who may have daily pains can relate to is finding the best treatment for the time being. Sometimes pain pills can be drowsing, creams can be too oily or smelly.

Having a simple sleeve or brace can be ideal for a simple work out or any task that requires a good amount of exercise.

In the past few days of having the S.S sleeve here are a few things that I discovered.


When ordering from Amazon the sleeve was only 10 bucks,I received my #sleevestars sleeve (say that five times fast.) within two days.( free 2day shipping with prime.)


When opening the box sleeve stars (SS) comes with a 12 month warranty. (Which is pretty cool) and of course the sleeve itself.

The sleeve

The sleeve is made of 68% nylon and 32% spandex .

The sleeve comes in sizes from small(14.5″-17″), medium(17″-19.5″) and large(19.5-22″)

Straight out the box S.S Promises 4 things(as seen in the picture above) let’s see if they check out!


When taking the sleeve outside the plastic pack, I was surprised that the sleeve felt great! Most sleeves are rough feeling, when trying on the sleeve for the first time the sleeve was easy to slide on and had a firm grip. Which was also a plus! I didn’t feel any discomfort the whole time I wore the sleeve throughout the day.

Pain relief ✔

As I mentioned before, the stairs aren’t my best friend. Going up and down the stairs can be tiring and a big toll on my knees.(especially if you leave something up or down the stairs.) *activates homer*

The first day I wore S.S for about 8 hours. Going up and down the stairs didn’t feel painful , standing didn’t seem as tough. Throughout the day the sleeve didn’t slip, even at times when I sprinted up the stairs. (Yes sprinted!)

feeling confident and energetic that day of cleaning was a breeze! Sweeping,mopping, and an occasional dance or two..the sleeve stayed in place and I never felt sweaty or as if the sleeve would fall off.

(To anyone curious as to the size I ordered a large)

Final notice

When buying things at affordable prices, we tend to feel that there’s always a “catch” or something we’ll have to compromise in the name of saving money, not with #sleevestars.

I would recommend this sleeve to anyone that may be in search of one!

#sleevestars checks every box! Hope you enjoyed this review! In case you missed it, to buy a sleeve like this click here.

S.n if maybe knee support isn’t the area you may need a sleeve in #sleevestars has different options.

How to bring the wine country and wine tasting to your doorstep. 🍷

⏸️(pause) before you read I just wanted to warn you there’s a huge saving at the end you don’t want to miss!! Continue.

In the wine country was a TV show that aired Every Saturday, it usually came on around 1am and on a good day there would be two or more episodes which would keep me up to about 4 in the morning. Every moment was worth it! 

I loved in the wine country because it showed me a side of life that I’ve never been exposed to. I loved feeling as tho I had an all access pass into the wine country, from the process of making wines, To viewing the homes, cellars, to the arts , and the culture.

I found another way to bring the wine country experience right to my doorstep and you can too, with Blason-Louis!

You’re invited!!!!

To what you might ask? The taste-off.


“More than just a wine club, we are an exclusive society of inquisitive wine lovers. 
Each month, you will receive a curated selection of rare French wines delivered to your doorstep: the Taste-Off. This thoughtful pairing will help you master French wine, learning everything you have ever wanted to know on the subject, while fine-tuning your palate.” -Blason Louis

  Blason Louis is #yourfrenchwineconnection giving you the tools to get access to some of the best wines around, at a low cost. With Up to 25% off of the retail price!

One of the first things you’ll notice When receiving a blason Lewis box, is the smooth black envelope that gives off an members only kinda of vibe. The envelope adds a  personal kind of touch, with stories from the wine Crafters themselves on how the wine your tasting came about. 

Along with a beginners guide on how to get the best out of your wine tasting experience with stats about your wine to help better understand the experience.


Also included are two falcons. (Or more if choose). Each falcon equals one glass of wine (3.5oz). The falcons are placed inside a beautiful crafted box with the company’s name ingraved along the front.

(Each falcon has an aroma lock that allows the falcon to stay fresh for up to 3 years!

Which makes the perfect gift to give, share, receive, enjoy, or collect.)
When you receive your box, you’ll also notice that at the bottom of one of the cards included there’s two bar codes that invites you to the beautiful design of their website.

The site gives you a more in depth feel into what blason-louis is, at the top you’re given a few options to explore around in , from the company’s history to their impressive wine collection. Did you receive a wine that you love so much from the taste off , that you wanted a whole bottle? Not to fret, select the store option you can buy a bottle there and receive 25% off!

Want another deal?  An average box of blason can cost $20.00(plus 4.99 S&H) however today as a thank you for reading my blog you can receive your first box for only 4.99 using my code 1ALLOVE4WP at check out RIGHT HERE!

Feel free to follow my Instagram @1allove4 

If you read today’s blog , or if you bought a blason Louis box. Comment on my recent picture “🍷🍷” and I’ll give you a shout out! Also don’t forget to follow blason Louis also! Tell them I sent you. Until next time!  If you’ve read this far , thank you so much for your time!!!❤️

Creatively constipated.

By the title you can kinda guess what this post will be about… Or maybe not. 

I have writer’s block. Or in better words,

creatively constipated. 

Let’s define constipated. (Via Google)




  1. (of a person or animal) affected with constipation.

    • slow-moving; restricted or inhibited in some way.

    • My creative flow has come a halt. I haven’t the slightest Idea as to how I’ve became so.. Backed up. Maybe it’s stress, maybe I haven’t been inspired?

    • Sometimes like a bad cramp , you just have to walk it off. So maybe it’s time that I work out this cramp. Today.✋😑⬅️ serious face I vow to write.. even when I feel I have nothing to write about. #writersblockchallenge

    • 👆 write down. Five random things to have a theme and write about it in some way. 

    • You don’t have to post it, but just getting the pencil, pen, keyboard going is a start. I will try my best to do this for at least 2 weeks. It takes 2 weeks to start our break a habit . Until next time!!! #comment #letstalk what do you do when you have writer’s block? 

How to look good and spread awareness while doing it pt✌️

Hello , this is the other half of my blog post from my #addtocart series. ( You can read part ☝️ here 👈 week I’m talking about making a difference in style with the two companies 

The second company is called wildiN clothing co. 

This company’s focus is on helping preserving the lives of in dangered species. Not just by spreading awareness but also taking action in how they produce their products. With any product that you buy from them, you can be assured that no animal was harmed.  Another cool thing about the company is spreading awareness for beauty, not just in animals, but in the people who model their clothes.

Finally, we do not believe in the standards placed on the fashion and retail industry. We promise our models are diverse and our photos unaltered. We invest in quality photographers that create beautiful images of real unedited people. ” -wildiN clothing co.

  The company also donates 10% of their net profits to the animals it represents. (Red wolves, tigers, etc) One of the company’s lines in particular, is the polar bear line , which donates to organizations such as polar bears international.

The items range from clothes for men and women and other accessories. Like candles and themed bath soaps.

Today they are having a daily deal going on for both men and women tanks for $18!

(As seen below)

They have pretty affordable things I might add as well the cheapest item is a polar bear sticker that is less than two dollars.

If you want to catch deals like this or even chop off a few extra dollars (use this code ALEXUSLAFAYETTE15

Whether you decide to buy anything or not. Remember it’s all about raising awareness! Thank you for taking the time to read this far. Until next time!

How to spread awareness and look good doing it. Pt ☝️


  I want to share that I signed up to be a ambassador?! For two wonderful causes that spread awareness and gives an extra helping hand with style! Which brings me to this weeks #addtocart A big hello to everyone that reads this. 

sandcloud brings awareness to the Marine life , by paring up with 5 organizations that help preserve the Marine life.  Whenever you invest in an item from sand cloud 10% goes to  those organizations.

Here’s a short video about sand cloud’s mission.(👇👇👇👇 Scroll down please)
Sound cloud sells towels (as seen in the video below. They also have hoodies and shirts along with other accessories. 

Right now there’s a sale on  the  mermaid shirt for $20 (as seen below) 

To also receive a discount on other items in the store click here and by using my personal promo code AlexusLaf25 you’ll receive %25 off anything in the store.

Before I go I also want to mention that if you create an account with sand cloud, you can also receive points to redeem later for future items.

 Even if you are unable to buy anything, Just spreading the word of the organization can be a big help! Not to mention you can also become an ambassador too! 
You can follow the movement on Instagram to keep up with updates and future items. Thank you for reading this blog. Until next time!

My webtoon review/ favorites!

     In case you don’t know about webtoon. Webtoon is an app they provides thousands of original comic book content, from comedy, action ,to romance. It’s easy to sign up. (Although you don’t have to unless you want to subscribe to a comic or want to download a chapter offline.)Being subscribed  also gives you a notification when the next chapter is available. Unless you get lucky and find a series that’s been out for awhile. Which brings me to my top picks on webtoon.

Undeaded is a funny comic about a guy, who recently discovered that he’s dead. He tries figuring out how to live again.. along the way he finds a few friends to tag along with his journey.

 apocalyptic horseplay   Made by the same creator of the undeadEd comes a different story just as funny and with a few cameos from the undead Ed cast. The comic is about the famous four horsemen. The horseman decide to retire and spread positivity to the world instead of chaos. 

In doing so, a young journalist  grows suspicious and decides to investigate the source causing trouble for the horseman to stay hidden.

assassin’s roomate is a quirky / comedy romance novel about  two college kids moving in together. While agreeing to strictly be just roommates , the two students find out that they actually have alot in common…

 these are my current findings! If you are into webtoon, tell me what you think of these comics and if you have a few faves of your own, feel free to comment them. #like #share #comment ps: all pictures are from webtoon.

Why empire’s first episode was everything.

Hello! I’m trying something new and I’m going to write my review and prediction on #empire as many fans know, tonight was empire’s season premiere. Because this is a fresh episode, I will not give away any spoilers. So this will probably be a short post. 

 However, I just wanted to say that this episode sets the tone for the season of what’s yet to come. I’m so excited for this season! I will say this. The episode is different than anything we’ve seen thus far from our lion family. I predict a lot of changes throughout the season. To be more specific ,I believe empire is heading in a darker direction. Mark my words! 😁

However where there is darkness, there’s sure to be light. Although the season is aimed at a certain angle, I’m sure love will conquer that darkness.

One thing I will mention is Lucius… And cookie . As I’m sure if you have kept up with the show until now, then you know that an accident happened that caused Lucius to lose his memory. This seems to be one of the core things we’ll see the family deal with. I don’t want to give away anything so ill save my comments for next week. . Oh and I definitely think we’ll see more of momma dubis played by (phylica Rashad) 

I’ll leave a question however for you to think about. If you were cookie what would you do? #comment #share #like